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We Hope This Isn’t Goodbye: Liverpool Academy of Arts

As many of you have probably already heard, Liverpool Academy of Arts, a venue which has earned its place on the Liverpool art scene through 25 years hard work and devotion to local artists, is set to be closed down. … Continue reading

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What’s next for Festival of Firsts?

Earlier this year, when Wirral Festival of Firsts 2014 announced its full programme, organisers boasted that this year’s festival was set to be the best yet. This may have seemed a dangerous assertion back in May, but Art in Liverpool … Continue reading

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In Defence of Art Criticism (Not just moaning…)

As a writer, reviews and criticism are the building blocks of what I do. Writing about art is a passion of mine, thanks to a deep appreciation for the subject. It is my firm belief that with any subjective body of … Continue reading

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BBC 3’s Embarrassing Attempt to Cover the ‘Batman Shootings’

After watching the recent documentary on BBC 3 The Batman Shootings with Amal Fashanu, I came away feeling completely repulsed with the presenter, producer and programmer for BBC3. Firstly, it is completely disrespectful to produce such a documentary, which intrudes into the … Continue reading

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The Human Cost of a University Degree

We live in a society where the rich are constantly being rewarded for being rich. This class competition is all around us, and particularly affects students and graduates in the current economic climate. Take for instance the rise in tuition … Continue reading

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Unilad: Shock and Horror at Student Site

I am absolutely horrified at this article that I have just read: was a website (now shut down) supposedly aimed at male students. This website included misogynistic photographs, racist posts and politically incorrect articles. I  was not aware … Continue reading

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Brands: Value for Money, Even in a Recession

Now I have never been a fan of people wearing clothes with brands stamped all over them: T Shirts with the word ‘Armani’ across the chest, or underwear with ‘Calvin Klein’ on the waist band – basically plain and ordinary … Continue reading

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My Horror at Reading This: “Lazy useless fat economy draining fuckers”

I am still shaking with anger. As I write this post, I am shocked and horrified that people of my age, people who I considered friends, have such outrageously close-minded, Tory views on the issue of benefits. This morning I … Continue reading

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Welcome to Tory Britain

Just today I saw this image on Facebook, and was instantly prompted to make a post about it. I realise that this is old news, but the principle still matters. Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone about how … Continue reading

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A Thought on University Life

This is a response to an article I read in The Guardian:  Drink, not fees, is the biggest problem at Universities by Simon Murphy, 18 January 2012 I wholeheartedly agree with the points put forward by Murphy in this article. University … Continue reading

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