Coming Soon: Leisure, Discipline and Punishment


Continuing the ongoing programme of film happening here at FACT as part of Liverpool Biennial 2014, we will be hosting an evening of new moving image works entitled Leisure, Discipline and Punishment.

This collection of films, by international artists Sonia Boyce, Petra Bauer, Keren Cytter, Agnieszka Polska, and Marinella Senatore present ideas in response to the social regulations that govern our lives, and the ways in which we attempt to break or navigate these rules. These themes relate to the wider concepts currently being explored inA Needle Walks into a Haystack, the 2014 Biennial exhibition at venues around the city.

The evening will begin with a Q&A session with video artist Sonia Boyce who will be in conversation with Liverpool Biennial’s Public Programme Curator Vanessa Boni. The premiere of Boyce’s Move (2013) will follow, a new film exploring two episodes in the recent history of the Swedish city of Göteborg: the underground nightclub scene in the Haga district during the 1980s and the developments of the anti-globalization protest in the summer of 2001. In the film, Boyce sets out to examine the role that the architecture of the City plays, and how it can stimulate or block collective public action.

Throughout the evening, Petra Bauer and Marius Dybwad Brandrud ‘s Choreography for the Giants (2013) will be screened in the FACT foyer, and can be viewed before or after the main event. In this new work, Bauer looks at the procession known as the Mechelen Ommegang, a world heritage event which only takes place every twenty-five years. The last time was in 1988, and since then society has undergone many changes, and so in the film, Bauer documents the way in which the organisers have attempted the difficult task of representing societal change in the context of this public parade.

Keren Cytter’s film The Coat is currently on display as part of the Tate Collection on the second floor of the gallery and uses a dramatic soundtrack, split-screen treatments and psychedelic morphing effects to frame a dramatic, murderous love triangle. For Leisure, Discipline and Punishment, FACT will be showing Cytter’s 2013 filmCorrections, which tells the story of a man ridden with guilt for ruining his parent’s life. During the film, he compares his life to that of a cockroach, and while trying to remember what happened in the past, discovers the real reason for his guilt.

Next up, Agnieszka Polska creates a fictitious after-life for artists, in which artists of different generations meet after death in Future Days (2013). The characters appearing in her film include key figures from the twentieth-century art world and a number of forgotten Polish artists and theoreticians – an opportunity for the clued-up art fanatics in the audience to spot their heroes!

Last but not least, Marinella Senatore’s nomadic school, The School of Narrative Dance, is based on open dialogue with communities around the world. The lessons are centred around storytelling, and encompass stage techniques, poetry and oral history. The eponymous film tells the story of the school through dance, drama and movement, utilizing a unique method of storytelling in this context.

If you like what you see, then make sure to visit The Old Blind School too, where artists Peter Wächtler and Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet are also presenting film works as part of this collaborative commission.

Leisure, Discipline and Punishment takes place on Wednesday 3 September, at 6.30pm in The Box at FACT. Free tickets are available now from the Box Office, by phone on 0871 902 5737 and online

This post was originally written for FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology)

Image credit: Agnieszka Polska Future Days, HD 29 min., 2013 (still). Courtesy of the artist.

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