Bakchich, Lebenese Street Food, Bold Street ****

Image taken from Google Images

Image taken from Google Images

A fresh, unusual and much-welcome addition to the range of food on offer in Liverpool’s independent quarter, Bakchich offers a brilliant selection of dishes in an unhurried, contemporary urban environment.

Up until now, my experiences of Lebenese food have been somewhat underwhelming, with bread and salad starring as the main dishes of this region, but after visiting Bakchich on a chance lunch break after finding my usual haunts closed (another great point is that Bakchich is open on a Sunday), my opinion has really changed.

Walking into the restaurant, we were greeted at the door by the manager as well as a member of friendly waiting staff: business was booming and we had a short wait before a table became available. This allowed us the opportunity to take in our surroundings, as the inside of the restaurant has been creatively furnished, with reclaimed copper sheets used as table tops, and colourful recycled tin cans decorating the walls.

After sincere apologies for our (very short) wait from the staff, we were seated, and handed the menu. Offering a range of food from traditional ‘Beiruty’ breakfasts, wraps and salads to ‘main’ dishes, I was pleasantly surprised by the choice on offer, especially for the veggies. All of the breakfasts on the menu are Vegetarian, with halloumi substituting the would-be meat option, and a variety of lunch dishes to choose from as well.

I opted for the Falafel wrap (£4.95), with Bakchich salad and pickle, whilst my parents both chose the Shish Taouk (chicken) wrap (also £4.95). There is a variety of side dishes to choose from, including breads and fries, as well as sharing platters and larger main meals such as Moussakka or mixed grills.

Our food arrived quickly, and the staff were very attentive to our needs, bringing our drinks out in the interim, including a freshly squeezed orange juice (£2.50), and a Roomana (homemade lemonade made from pomegranate and orange blossom), £2.35.

My wrap was really tasty, and the falafel itself had a spicy kick to it, which added a new dimension to the dish. The accompanying salad, with tahini dressing, was also really lovely, and the whole dish was light, but packed with flavour. My parents both enjoyed their meals, with the general consensus being that what really made these wraps unique was the bread itself – a traditional Arabic recipe for a flatbread, which was both lighter and more savoury than your usual floury mexican tortilla.

With great interiors, unbeatable prices, and top table service from the friendly and dedicated waiting staff, Bakchich looks set to be the new lunch destination for the city centre. I real appreciated the floor-presence of the restaurant manager, who greeted and waited on his customers beside his staff. It is little personal touches like this that really make a dining experience worth while, and by acknowledging customers in this way, Bakchich can be sure of a return visit from us.

It is great that so many new and previously niche styles of cookery are creeping into Liverpool’s city centre, with ‘street food’ such as this rapidly becoming the most popular way to eat out. This reviewer hopes that the street food frenzy is here to stay, and not just a hipster trend bound to lose its cool before the year is out.\

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  1. One of our fav lunch spots 🙂 I even got some cool dad points when I met my son after he’d finished uni for dinner one night.. one he hadn’t known of.

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