Greendays Cafe, Lark Lane, Liverpool ****

IMG-20130427-00394After a busy morning exploring the city’s haberdasheries and antique shops, my friend and I decided it was time to feast.

Greendays Cafe on Lark Lane is an old favourite, and like most eateries on The Lane, provides fresh, tasty food at a very reasonable price. The Café resides above the local newsagents, with a stairwell adorned with images of Casablanca and Zelda Fitszgerald. Set out over two levels, the café has an incredibly relaxed vibe: shelves are cluttered with antique knicknacks, potted plants and vintage cookbooks. Throughout our stay we listened to laid back 1930’s jazz, and enjoyed exploring our surroundings with hungry eyes.

To start we shared a portion of hummus with pita breads, which was lovely and tasted freshly home-made. The dish came with a dash of paprika and a squeeze of lemon juice which really brought out the flavour of the chickpeas.

Next (after a long time deciding from the huge menu on offer) I chose the halloumi salad, which was delicious and really filling. A huge portion of fried halloumi cheese was accompanied by crisp lettuce, red onion, slices of apple, strawberries, juicy tomatoes and cucumber. This was complimented by the café’s very own home-made bread, which is soft and nutty in flavour, with lashings of what the menu describes as ‘real butter’. The whole meal was really wholesome and refreshing, and the fruit and vegetables were so juicy and sweet we couldn’t believe the price.

My friend had the garlic and chilli spaghetti, which the chef graciously adapted to her tastes, and this arrived in an overflowing dish topped with a bountiful helping of parmesan cheese. The meal came with a small side salad and fresh bread and butter, and was enjoyed down to the last crumb.

Speedy service is not to be expected in such a small, bohemian eatery, as the staff do everything with love and care rather than zealous efficiency. While we waited for our food we eyed up the cakes on offer – towering mountains of frosted goodness, including a very tempting home-baked New York cheesecake – but after our generous portions of lunch, we sadly had no room left.

The bill, including drinks came to a very reasonable £15, considering that everything was freshly made on site, and the portions were so generous. I would recommend the Greendays Cafe for a hearty breakfast/brunch (choose from continental, vegetarian and vegan options from £3.50) or a late lunch, which will easily tide you over until supper time! The menu is huge, ranging from tapas-like nibbles to sandwiches, pasta and jacket potatoes, offering a huge selection of vegetarian, vegan and pescetarian dishes to assault the tastebuds (not the pockets).

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