Sprinklez Ice Cream Parlour, Liverpool ***

Sprinklez is a fantastic little ice cream parlour hidden away on Lodge Lane. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but stepping inside, you enter a bubble-gum pink world of confectionary delight! The interiors are fantastically decorated in candy striped wall paper, with black leather booths which are incredibly comfortable, and the inside of the front window is adorned with a bar-style ledge, complete with white bar stools to sit on and watch the world go by, as you tuck into your dessert.

The menu, upon first glance, promises a great deal: I was not expecting anything apart from ice cream, but Sprinklez offers a selection of burgers, pizzas, paninis, pasties and pasta dishes. Unfortunately, we were told upon arrival that the kitchen was awaiting the day’s delivery and so the only ‘real’ food on offer was chips, which were standard take-away style French fries, and not very exciting.

Thankfully, the full range of milkshake flavours was available. Similar to other milkshake bars, Sprinklez offers its customers the opportunity to select their favourite chocolate bar and have it transformed into a shake: I chose Cadbury’s Crunchie whilst my friend had Ferrero Rocher, and we were both elated with our decisions. Sprinklez’s shakes are perfectly blended; thick and creamy with a generous dollop of whipped cream on top, and for £2.50 are good value for a small shake, with a large costing only £3.50.

After our milkshakes we were rather full and elected to have only one scoop of ice cream each (customers can select up to three, and can accompany this with a slice of cake too). I had the Raspberry Ripple which was lovely, and my friend had Mango and Passion Fruit, which she found disappointing, and quite sickly. The ice creams are all made from Cornish Dairy Ice Cream, so are great quality, and the selection of flavours ranges from classics like Vanilla and Chocolate, to more exotic blends of Honeycomb, Pistachio or Cookie Dough. One scoop costs £1.20 which is good value, and you can choose to have it in a cone or a tub, plus sauces and toppings are an extra 15p. Aside from the ice creams, a selection of cakes are available (shop bought from Costco, which is always reliable and delicious, but it would be great if they baked their own), including muffins, cupcakes, waffles and larger cakes.

One thing the place could work on is the presentation of the food, as from a diner-style establishment I expected proper plates, milkshake glasses and sundae dishes. All of the cutlery and cups are plastic, whilst the ice cream tubs and food boxes are paper and polystyrene, and designed to be thrown away. I think that in the long term Sprinklez should invest in some fancy glassware and treat its customers to an experience other than what feels like fast-food. The interiors are great and promise a 50s feel, yet the use of throwaway tableware, though convenient, cheapens the atmosphere.

Overall, I enjoyed my lunch and was disappointed to see that during the hour and a half we spent at Sprinklez, only a handful of other customers dropped in, mostly purchasing cans of coke and sandwiches, and not taking advantage of the innovative menu. In my opinion, there is a huge gap in the market for ice cream parlours such as this, where people can go for a dessert, a milk shake or a quick lunch. With the closure in the city centre of diner-style restaurants such as Eddie Rocket’s and Dinomat, there is a huge demand for American-style eateries, and with the right marketing, Sprinklez could attract a great deal of new clientèle. I think for the area, it is perfect for students, plus with a few tweaks, could attract people from further afield. At the moment they offer catering for parties which seems a brilliant idea, and I would love to see Sprinklez expand, and open up branches in the city centre or in places like Lark Lane, and perhaps start baking their own desserts, to add a signature touch to the food on offer.

A great eatery, with a lot of potential, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a great shake!

Sprinklez, Lodge Lane, Liverpool 0151 7085294


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