Valentines: Corporate Cheese or Real Romance?

Valentines Day. Some of us love it, and others hate it. Some argue that it is a day of romance, and others that it is a corporate holiday, designed for the card companies (and restaurants, flower shops, chocolate companies, etc) to make some easy money from a gullible audience.

Whatever your opinion, everyone has a view. Singletons may find it difficult, with retailers and the media shoving the idea of romance and happiness as a loved-up couple down our throats, whilst many couples find the day a bit of a cliché. Some people feel silly for joining in, whilst others are embittered that they have no one to share the day with.

Personally, I believe romance is still alive, and that Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to prove to someone that you care. You may believe that by celebrating, you are funding a global economic scam, but in my humble opinion, this is just one opportunity to do something special for someone special to you.

Now, if Valentine’s is the only day of the year that you treat your loved one to a box of chocolates of a bouquet of roses, then there is something wrong. But if, like me, you wish to utilise this day to treat your special someone to something special, then it isn’t cheesy, or commercially capitalist or cliché: it is simply a romantic gesture, made on a day where you’ve got the perfect excuse to feel a bit soppy; and making someone smile is never a bad thing.

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