Drive *****

Drive is an excellent piece of film making. 2011 was truly the year of Ryan Gosling: alongside The Ides of March, this was his other stand out film, and it really does shine.

Gosling stars as a stunt driver/mechanic, who earns extra money on the side as a getaway driver for heists and other crimes. The opening sequence follows Gosling as he drives to pick up two masked thieves, oozing cool and impossible suave. The pace of this scene is slower than any action scene like it that I have come across, creating an interesting and nouvelle look for the genre. The music for this scene, like the rest of the film, is 80s inspired electro, and its presence is so important, that the hypnotic tunes themselves become characters (College ft. Electro Youth: A Real Human Being; my personal favourite, and utterly captivating).

I absolutely adored this film and can’t understand why Gosling did not earn an Oscar nomination (my guess is flippant American politics…). My only negative point about this film was the much under-used Carey Mulligan. In the scenes she inhabits, the camera adores her: she is beautiful, but not in a Hollywood style; her look is natural and approachable, but at the same time vulnerable and ethereal. She is rapidly becoming one of the best young British actresses, overtaking Keira Knightley in terms of her broad talent, and her upcoming role in The Great Gatsby is one of my most anticipated events of the year.

Drive succeeds as a naturalistic retro drama, earning points for its soundtrack and casting, and stunning audiences with the simplistic yet utterly captivating plot. In my opinion, less is more, and this is certainly the case with this gritty drama.

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