Welcome to Tory Britain

Just today I saw this image on Facebook, and was instantly prompted to make a post about it. I realise that this is old news, but the principle still matters. Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone about how David Cameron is potentially worse than Thatcher: although she is an evil woman, at least she was upfront about it. Cameron likes to portray an image of himself as a caring leader, one who is open to discussion and compromise (despite his failure to work in partnership with Clegg). Cameron loves to be photographed with his wife and young baby – something which repulses me to some extent, knowing that the child is nothing but a tool for propaganda purposes.

Allowing someone like Theresa May to become Minister for Equality is a prime example of the backwards mindset of the Conservative Party today. If someone is not willing to be open minded, and realise that a gay couple can be just as loving and supportive of a child as a heterosexual couple can, then they do not deserve a platform from which to preach these ideas. Who’s to say that two men or two women are less qualified than a man and a woman together to raise a child? Just because a couple may be made up of two people of the same gender, does not make them any less educated or less able to bring up a child. By supporting these views, May seems to assert that every  heterosexual couple’s relationship is functional…has she never seen Jeremy Kyle?

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