A Thought on University Life

This is a response to an article I read in The Guardian: 

Drink, not fees, is the biggest problem at Universities by Simon Murphy, 18 January 2012

I wholeheartedly agree with the points put forward by Murphy in this article.

University is no longer an academic’s haven: for me, my time at University has been overshadowed by the immature need of others to spend their time drinking and dressing up in ridiculous, slutty costumes, rather than study. My idea of University before I went was of a place where people like me, who love to read and are curious about everything, could meet and share opinions and grow as individuals. Instead, students fuel the binge-drinking culture that Britain is so famous for…and these people are meant to be the future of the country?

It makes no sense to me, in the current economic climate that so many of my peers choose to pay so much money to attend University, and prefer not to do the work. No one forces you to go to University; it’s not like school. We’re paying to be there, and people skip lectures, fail to read the required material and spend their days hung over. This is saying a lot when you study a course like English, and are only expected to be in lectures 4-6 hours per week, when every moment you can grab with your tutors is crucial.

You might be thinking I am a bit of a square. Well no, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go out for few drinks most weeks, but for some people, this seems to be the point of University, and I think that this is totally backwards. The social side of going to University has always been a major selling point: living away from your parents, meeting new people, gaining some independence. But when this is all you focus on, and the grades start to slip, is this really worth paying for?

At a time when everyone wants to have a degree due to the recession and high levels of unemployment, surely, working that little bit harder and drinking a little bit less would help you achieve that first class honours that would put you ahead of the rest?


Here’s a link to an article that I just read on the Independent supporting my views:


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